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Tour de Coast is a UK charity to encourage visits to Britainas coastline. We are installing 100 posts in special places. We call them Daymarks after the 18th Century navigational aids. They will form a network for people to visit and collect, so they can experience our coast of beauty, history, grandeur and calm. This website shows you where the Daymarks will be, and how to don Cheap pyridium ate to put them in place.

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      • Tour De Coast

        Coast Posts in England

        There are 47 Posts, starting with Post 1 at the White Cliffs of Dover. Find out where they are.

      • Tour De Coast

        Coast Posts in Wales

        The 11 Posts in Wales run from Post 23 in Newport to Post 33 on the Great Orme. See where […]

      • Tour De Coast

        Coast Posts in Scotland

        . There are 29 Posts on the Scottish mainland and 13 on the islands. Find out where.

      • Tour De Coast

        Featured Coast Post

        . Coast Post 91 will be on Spurn Point, the spit of sand in Yorkshire to the north of the […]