Designed by students at the Royal College of Art in London, with advice from the international engineering firm Arup, the Daymarks have drawn inspiration from the navigational aids placed around parts of Britaina’s coast in the 1700s.

They are a sturdy, weatherproof and contemporary design that will each have a number from 1 to 100, and some information about their location.



We intend to install a digital beacon alongside the Daymark so we are able to push information to any Bluetooth-enabled device that comes within 25 metres. In this way, visitors will be able to find out more about the businesses, attractions and amenities nearby.

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We have now build a successful full-size prototype of the Daymark design. The Daymark is made from Cor-ten steel, the same material used for the Angel of the North in Gateshead. The 100 holes in the side will be filled with stainless steel plugs, with the number filled to coincide with the number of the Daymark.